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BB14 Fantasy

OK! So, my brother, sister, and myself are doing a BB14 fantasy game. I'm going to be using the journal to keep track of things. Anyone that does not care, feel free to ignore my posts. Anyone that finds it interesting, feel free to comment!

Point system:
  • HOH gets 7 points
  • POV gets 5 points
  • each week they stay in the house they get 2 points
  • one voted off gets -7 points
Karen's Team:
  • Wil
  • Danielle
  • Jenn
  • Dan
Amber's Team:
  • Shane
  • Ashley
  • Jojo
  • Janelle
James' Team:
  • Ian
  • Willie
  • Kara
  • Britany
Just a reminder, we all agreed that we will not award points for week one since we watched a decent amount of the feeds prior to picking our peeps.

Best of luck to all, cheer your people on!
Hey everyone!

I am trying to win free tickets for a cruise! Please help and go vote for my picture! You can vote once a day everyday this week!

Thanks for everything!

Love always!


I need YOUR help!

I am playing a Big Brother game here on livejournal. In order to win a HoH competition, I need to prove that I have the most fans! If you would like to help me prove that I have the most fans I need a picture of you holding up a sign that says "Team Karen". Every sign needs to be legible and readable. Because of that, please make sure you use thick markers, pens, etc. I used my daughter's crayons when I made my sign. The pictures don't have to be fancy but you are more than welcome to get creative. These pictures will be posted online so if that makes you uncomfortable, there is no pressure for you to help me.

Please send them to me via email with the phrase "Team Karen" as a subject line to karengerr@yahoo.com.

The deadline for the competition is Tuesday, Aug 16th at 11:59pm EDT. So lets try to have these pictures emailed to me at least 2 hours before that so that I have plenty of time to submit them.

I am including an example photo here for all of you!
PictureCollapse )

Love you all!


I stole this...does it matter who from?

Name: Karen
Birth Date: November 9th
Current Location: chair
Hair Color: Brown
Righty/Lefty: Righty.

Your fear: being alone
Your dream of the perfect date: picnic under a waterfall
Goals you’d like to achieve: I want be on Big Brother and I want people who don't know me to hate me so that after I win the money, life can go back to normal

Your thoughts first waking up: The baby is hungry
Your best physical feature: My hair
Your bed time: When I'm sleepy

Pepsi or Coke: water
McDonald’s or Burger King: Chick-fil-a
Single or Group Dates: if it is a group, is it really a date or just a bunch of people hanging out?
Adidas or Nike: Adidas
Chocolate or Vanilla:Chocolate, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Cappuccino or Coffee: *vomit*

Smoke: No
Cuss: try not to
Take showers: yes
Have a crush: no
Like(d) school: i survived it
Believe in yourself: yes
Believe what goes around comes around: Yes
Believe everything happens for a reason: Yes
Think you’re a health freak: NO

Gone to the mall: I hate the mall
Been on stage: does walking on the stage at church to pick up some trash count?
Eaten sushi: ewww
Been hurt: yes
Dyed your hair: No

Played a stripping game: No
Kissed the same sex: yes
Got beaten up: Yes
Changed who you were to fit in: I can't remember, but probably

Age you’re hoping to be married by: I got married at 22 and love my husband more every day
Number of kids you’re planning on having: As many as possible.

Best eye color: hazel.
Hair color: Dark
Short or long hair: Long short hair, does that make sense?
Fat or fit: chubby
Looks or personality: personality
Fun or serious: Fun, and serious when need be

1 HOUR AGO: breast feeding
1 WEEK AGO:breast feeding
1 YEAR AGO: thinking about breast feeding

I FEEL: hungry
I HATE: my feet
I HIDE: candy
I NEED: go to bed
I LOVE: Michael and Scarlett
Since the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Scarlett, pretty much all of my social websites (other than facebook) have fallen by the way side. With Big Brother coming up, it got me thinking about my videos on YouTube and started a chain reaction that lead me here. So I log in and what did I find, NOTHING! Livejournal went on without me. I knew the internet wouldn't stop just because I disappeared but I had hoped that I might have gotten one or two comments that were something like..."you need to update" or "how is the baby?" I really shouldn't be surprised that I didn't get any comments tho. I was not that good at updating in the first place. But I really do need a place to unload myself really often and Livejournal used to be that place. Maybe I should come back to it.

As far as the baby goes...I plan on giving her a special post later telling all that I can remember (or what I wrote down in her calender) a little bit later. I don't want to just throw her in to the post like she is a second thought.

Big Brother starts in just under a week. I am debating wither or not to try and do the video blogs again for this season. I never even finished last season's videos.  If anybody is reading this, what do you think?


So I finally feel like we have finished moving into the house. I know that we have been living here for over two years now. But we just finished going through all the random boxes that were left unpacked. Something about being 25 weeks pregnant put in my head that if I didn't take care of all our odds and ends boxes NOW, that it might never get done.

About a month or so ago, I said to myself, "Since the guest bedroom is going to be the baby's room, it has to get cleaned out NOW! No more using it as a storage area!" I did most of it by myself during the week while Michael was at work or at school. But there were a few heavy boxes that needed to be moved and since I'm not really suppose to do heavy lifting, I chose to wait til the weekend for a minute that I knew I could ask Michael to move them and it would actually be done right way.

If you want Michael to do something the minute you ask him to do it, I've learned you need to make sure the conditions are right.
  1. He needs to be on his feet. It is best to try and catch him coming out of the bathroom or walking from one room to another one. If I ask him while he is sitting down, he will say something like, "I'll do it in a little bit." Then he will forget that I asked him before he gets up. Hours and maybe even days later, it still won't be done.
  2. He can't be tired. If he just finished doing something that makes him tired, like washing his car or changing the oil, then all he can think of is sitting down. Then I end up with the same results you would get with the first one.
  3. If he is going to be going outside, it helps if he already has his shoes on. If his shoes are not on, he may or may not put them on right way. It really just depends on his mood at the time.
  4. He has to know it is coming. He does not like having physical work sprung on him at the last minute. Basically, if I spend all week cleaning out the baby's room, I spend all week telling him I'm doing it. I don't have to say that I am going to need his help, he is pretty good at guessing that it will be needed at some point. Sometimes he will get lucky and I won't need his help. Sometimes I will spend a few days talking about something I am doing cause I think I will need his help towards the end, and I figure out how to do it with out him. When that happens, I just show him the finished product and take pride in the fact that I did it without his help.
Last weekend, I wanted to tackle the entire upstairs, which was honestly more work that cleaning out the baby's room. But my since of "got to get it done now while I still can" has been kicking in even more lately. So I spent the entire week prior telling him not to make plans because we needed to "clean the entire house". In this situation, I wanted to make it seem like something bigger than it actually was.  If I had just said, clean upstairs, then there was a risk that he might shrug it off as something that could get done later. The weekend came and I ended up having to work Friday and Saturday so Sunday was the only day left to work on what needed to be done. After we got home from church and ate lunch. I told Michael that I was going to start upstairs and he could either help me upstairs or he could clean the downstairs. He decided that he wanted to clean the downstairs and I was fine with that cause the kitchen and living room needed to be cleaned anyway. I started off with washing the bed sheets just to make sure that Michael considered what I was doing as cleaning and not just me wanting to organize things. I quickly picked up the area of our bed room that is our general lived in area to make it look nicer. Then I started with the hard stuff! I opened one of the four upstairs storage areas that I was pretty sure we had our boxes of books in. Then I started emptying the boxes of books and putting the books on the book shelves until the box was light enough for me to move it into the room. After all the boxes of books were in the bedroom, then I finished unloading to books onto the bookshelf with a lot less walking. I'm not going to bore you with the step by step details of everything from last weekend, that could get really long. I got a lot done and a lot of boxes unpacked. Michael came whenever I called him since he was already up and cleaning. I didn't get everything done since I didn't have as much time as I wanted. So there were things left to be done this weekend.

I had to spend all weekend telling Michael not to make plans for Sunday so we could finish upstairs. Most of it was done and I knew if he helped me and we tackled it then it could be done quickly. We ended up unpacking and organizing that last bit in just over an hour. I don't know if Michael is as glad to have it all finished as I am. But I feel like big weight has been lifted off of my back and that I can truly move forward and just think about the baby. My Dad is coming next weekend to help Michael paint the baby's room. I still need to pick out a color though. I really can't wait to finish the baby's room completely and have it decorated. I'm so excited.